Union Eyes

Union Eyes first edition

Union Eyes was the official publication of Cardiff Trades Union Council under my editorship from May 1986 to May 1995. The print edition has now ceased, but in recent years it has continued as an e-publication

I was the founding editor, sub-editor, chief reporter, advertising sales, and distributor. As it was also printed at Fingerprints, the printing co-op of which I was a founder, I ended up printing it as well.

It was a free-sheet, and became the largest circulation, left of centre paper in Wales, with an influence in the Labour and Trades Union movement far beyond its scale. Not without controversy, it quickly became the place for MayDay greetings from Trades Unions in Wales, which together with their other adverts through the year, provided its sole source on income.

All the editions I produced are available below, and originals are available at the Cardiff University Archive (some copies) https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/special-collections/subject-guides/labour-history/trade-unions and at the South Wales Miners Library (all)

Union Eyes No 1 May 1986.compressed
Union Eyes No 2 October 1986.compressed
Union Eyes No 3 May 1987.compressed
Union Eyes No 4 July-Aug 1987.compressed
Union Eyes No 5 Oct 1987.compressed
Union Eyes No 6 Feb 1988.compressed
Union Eyes No 7 May 1988.compressed
Union Eyes No 8 Summer 1988.compressed
Union Eyes No 9 Oct-Nov 1988.compressed
Union Eyes No 10 Jan 1989.compressed
Union Eyes No 11 March 1989.compressed
Union Eyes No 12 May 1989.compressed
Union Eyes No 13 Oct-Nov 1989.compressed
Union Eyes No 14 Jan 1990.compressed
Union Eyes No 15 May 1990.compressed
Union Eyes No 16 Nov-Dec 1990.compressed
Union Eyes No 17 May 1991.compressed
Union Eyes No 18 Nov 1991.compressed
Union Eyes No 19 May 1992.compressed
Union Eyes No 20 Nov 1992.compressed
Union Eyes No 21 May 1993.compressed
Union Eyes No 22 May 1994.compressed

The final print edition in my possession was produced after I left the Trades Council. I took up the position of Community Economic Development Officer with Cardiff Council and joined Unison, so I was no longer the NGA delegate to the Cardiff Trades Council.
Union Eyes No 23 May 1995.compressed