YMCA Retail/Prefab

I have worked with Cardiff YMCA Housing Association, of which I was Chair until 2019, on the development of their clothes recycling and retail project, originally known as PreFab, which was located at Wellfield Road and Albany Road, and still operates at Colchester Avenue in Cardiff.

I undertook a Feasibility Study, and have helped to develop the original Business PlanĀ based on that. I have continued to support the project on a pro-bono basis in my role as Chair, and it has grown to be the largest clothes recycling operation in Cardiff with 3 locations – two high street shops and an out of town unit at Colchester Avenue.

The project was rebranded in 2017, and is now being managed by YMCA Retail, the UK retail specialist unit of YMCA England and Wales, with profits shared with the YMCA Cardiff group.

You can follow the project on Facebook atĀ https://www.facebook.com/pages/PreFab-Clothing/158927527516328