My Approach

Working with the Client

My approach is to work closely with the Client at all times. As any project progresses, knowledge is gained, and in the light of this alterations to the programme may be considered desirable.
I maintain flexibility at all times, and am able to adapt and change programmes mid-stream if the client so wishes.

Risk Assessment

To minimise the risks related to bias in the collection of the data, which will inevitably contain some subjectivity, a number of measures will be taken.

  • Written pro-formas for collecting data either by phone or face to face interviews
  • Clearly prepared structures for focus groups, if used
  • Common briefing for all staff involved in the project to ensure consistency
  • Strong hands-on project management to ensure standards and timescales are being met
  • Care must be taken so that information is not lost, so there will be scope for collecting information which is less structured, particularly to collect unexpected outcomes.

Quality Control

The quality of all work undertaken is monitored according to the Quality Policy

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

I am committed in all my work to recognising diversity in all its forms and to promoting Equal Opportunities through language, approach and use of research and learning methods as is demonstrated by the diversity and range of my clients.

Compliance with Equal Opportunities and Race Relations legislation and best practice is ensured via my organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy


Complaints are handled under the Complaints Policy

Environmental Impact

In all activities and actions I will endeavour to take into account the effect on the environment, both immediate and in the future with the aim of minimising harmful effects. 

I recognise the importance of promoting, protecting and enhancing the environment as an essential prerequisite, together with social and economic measures, of engaging in and bringing about sustainable development. 

I am committed to the philosophy and ethics of reduce, reuse and recycle, and to the promotion of understanding sustainable development and the environment in its broadest context.

In my work with others I will encourage them to take the broadest possible view of their objectives and activities and to develop integrated policies and strategies which take the social, economic and environmental context of their work in to consideration.

All work will be undertaken in accordance with the Environmental & Sustainability Policy.

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